Shri Shyamal Datta
(From 28-01-2002 to 02-02-2007)

Shri Shyamal Datta was sworn in as the twelfth Governor of the State on January 28, 2002. An IPS officer from West Bengal cadre, he retired as the Director, Intelligence Bureau on May 31, 2001. He has joined the collective efforts of his illustrious predecessors to try and strengthen the relations of Raj Bhavan with the people of Nagaland. The Raj Bhavan has since tried to provide a bridge between the people and the State Government on the one hand and the Government of India on the other. People have come to look upto Raj Bhavan as their friend, philosopher and guide, thanks to the vision and farsightedness of those who adorned the august office of the Governor, Nagaland since the inception of the State.