Shri B.K. Nehru
(From 17-04-1968 to 18-09-1973)

Shri B.K. Nehru was sworn in as the Governor of Nagaland on April 18, 1968. Taking over after serving as India’s Ambassador in Washington, USA, Governor Nehru in his memoirs admitted to being completely mystified by Naga affairs. It took him a long time to get acquainted with the history of Naga people, their internecine differences, their discontentment with  ‘India’ and the post-independence history of Nagaland and its insurgency which had resulted in a small population of people being given the rank and status of a full State of the Union without, however, ending the insurgency. He brought with him a perspective gathered from dealing with issues on a much larger plane and scale in the international arena in the United States.

The NNO won the second election held in the year 1969 (over 80% electoral turnout) and in the ensuing race for leadership, Shri Hokishe Sema became the third Chief Minister of the State. The Government decided to revoke the suspension of operations, following the assassination attempt on the life of Chief Minister Shri Hokishe Sema on August 8, 1972. It declared all bodies with secessionist designs working in Nagaland as unlawful. The Governor, Shri B.K. Nehru rushed to Kohima from Shillong on the same day, and convened a meeting with the Chief Minister and officials, followed by one with the Council of Ministers in Raj Bhavan. He made a statement which was broadcast on AIR on September 1, 1972, declaring the underground bodies as unlawful and warning their overground sympathizers.