Governor of Nagaland addresses the state on the eve of 77th Independence Day


The Governor of Nagaland La Ganesan extended his warmest greetings and best wishes to all his fellow brothers and sisters of Nagaland on the eve of the 77th Independence Day at Raj Bhavan Kohima on 14th August 2023


The Governor in his addressed on the eve of Indian Independence day at his office chamber said that it is a day of dedication and remembrance of our struggle against foreign rule. He said it is also the day when our National Flag was hoisted for the first time as a free and independent nation.


The Governor stated that many great freedom fighters and common citizens sacrificed their lives to bring independence to our motherland. Therefore this is the day where we get the opportunity to remember and show gratitude towards these great men and women whose selfless sacrifices and unparallel contributions won us this freedom, he said.


Governor mentioned that even our own state Nagaland had valiantly resisted the mighty British. The Battle of Khonoma and the Battle of Kikruma are considered as some of the fiercest battles fought against the British in the North East India he added.


The governor also expressed that the struggles and sacrifices of our freedom fighters show us that the freedom we enjoy today has been achieved by shedding the blood of hundred of martyrs. The governor urged upon the people to deeply appreciate their precious sacrifice and stir in all of us the spirit of patriotism and national integration.


On this solemn occasion, the governor called upon everyone to pay homage and respect to the countless heroes and great personalities from all walks of lives and professions who have zealously worked to make our country great and has taken us to the path of prosperity.


The governor also called upon the people to express our gratitude to the members of the armed forces whose constant vigil and sacrifices keep our country secure and safe. He added that the efforts of all the NGOs and the civil societies who have been tirelessly working for peace in our land should be appreciated.


The Governor expressed that Indian proudly stands as the fifth largest economy in the world after 76 years of Independence. He said that our country is poised to become the 3rd largest economy by 2031. The governor expressed that our system of governance and justice delivery system has withstood the test of time and has proven its resilience and fundamentals that are essential to a resolute democracy.


He stated that we also have a stable government working resolutely to build a robust network of roads, rail and airways to power and accelerate India’s march towards prosperity. A developed and prosperous India would also mean a developed and prosperous Nagaland, he added.


Along with the rest of the country, the governor said that Nagaland has also come a long way since 1947.He pointed out that the initial decades were shrouded with turmoil and absence of peace which in turn affected the pace of development. But the past decades have been relatively peaceful, he said.


The Governor said that people have witnessed our state’s economy growing at a good rate resulting of peace in the last couple of years. He said everyone must prioritize our most precious resource i.e. human resource and to build a network of robust and strong health and educational sector to ensure a healthy and well educated citizenry.


The Governor added that the state’s medical college which is going to be inaugurated very soon will give a big boost to the health sector by ensuring availability of adequate health care professionals. The Governor mentioned that our state already has four universities but the state will require many more technical universities and research institutes to empower the citizens, especially the youth.


In his message, the governor said that we also have to build modern connectivity infrastructures for equitable development and he was happy to inform that the construction of roads in the state is under very good progress and many more projects are planned in the near future.


The governor said the foundation stone for the re-development of Dimapur Railway Station was laid recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji under the Amrit Bharat Scheme and it will be developed into a world class station, which in turn will immensely boost tourism and infrastructural development in the state.


Governor remarked that we have been really good at showcasing our rich culture, dance and music etc. and promoting our state to the world. But the underlying truth remains that peace is a pre-requisite for a progressive and prosperous Nagaland. He urged upon all the citizens of Nagaland to keep and maintain the hard earned peace.


He further said that we can also no longer afford to derail the development process that we have kick started with the onset of the peace process. A bright and beautiful future awaits us, he added. He added that we must welcome it with open arms for the sake of our children and the future generation.


( PRO Raj Bhavan, Kohima)