Dr. M.M. Thomas
(From 09-05-1990 to 12-04-1992)

Dr. M.M. Thomas, a devout Christian, took over the reigns of  Raj Bhavan on May 9, 1990. He was a very simple and humble man, easily approachable and was a theologian of world repute. His background of study and research in areas of religion, society, culture and ethics for many years, provided the right setting for him to be regarded as the first Philosopher – Statesman Governor in North East India. His addresses delivered on various occasions as the Governor, contained rare insight into a hitherto unknown aspect of life. His tenure was marked by floor crossings in the Assembly, leading to frequent changes of Governments.
            The leadership changed between S/Shri S.C. Jamir, K.L. Chishi and Vamuzo. On the advice of the Cabinet, the Governor dissolved the Assembly on March 27, 1992. In dissolving the Assembly, the Governor acted on his own, without prior consultation with the Centre,  but he informed the Centre immediately thereafter. The President’s Rule was imposed on April 2, 1992. Although in earlier cases also, he had followed the same practice, due to differences with the Union Government on the matter, the Governor had to go.